Executing Marked Text in SQL Server Management Studio

Executing Marked Text in SQL Server Management Studio

In SQL Server Management Studio, you can use the Alt key in your keyboard to select blocks of text to execute. For instance, sometimes I create a SQL script to delete all the data in a specific database while I am testing the application. I don’t want to accidentally run the file and delete all the data when I shouldn’t, so I comment out all the delete statements. To execute them when I need to, instead of uncommenting them, I place the cursor right between the “–” and the “DELETE” keyword, press and hold the Alt key, left click and select all the statements I need, and then execute them.

For instance, suppose you have the following statements:


You would place the cursor where the “@” symbol is, press and hold the Alt key, left click with the mouse and drag the cursor all the way to where the “#” symbol is. The “@” and “#” symbol are included here to show you the exact places, they shouldn’t be included in your statement. Also keep in mind that this selection method creates a rectangle so you have to select everything to cover the longest statement.

Notice how you have to drag the cursor all the way to the “#” symbol even when the last word was “CUSTOMER.” This is because a rectangle is formed and you need to cover the fourth line, which is the longest one.

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