Using a Built-In Shortcut to Add Properties to a Class

After declaring your class, suppose you want to add individual element properties to that class. This process has been simplified in Visual Studio when working in C#.

Simply type prop within the class object. Intellisense will find that keyword. Then, hit the Tab key twice. This will automatically define the private and public elements of the property. The “type” of object will be outlined and display in lime green. Here, select the type of variable you want to use. Hit the Tab key again. This will deliver you to the name of the private field. Once you are done with that, hit the Tab key again and you will be delivered to the public name. These, too, are outlined and highlighted in lime green. Once you are satisfied with the name and type of variable, hit the Enter key to accept all entries.

Repeat this process for each of the properties that make up your class. It sure beats all that extra typing!

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