Make Web Requests Programmatically in .NET

Make Web Requests Programmatically in .NET

You can use the code in this tip to make web requests to a remote HTTP server and read the response:

try{   // The URL    // is used here purely as an example.   // Substitute your own URL as needed.   Uri uri = new Uri("");   System.Net.HttpWebRequest httpWebRequest =       (System.Net.HttpWebRequest)         System.Net.HttpWebRequest.Create(targetUri);   if ((httpWebRequest.GetResponse().ContentLength > 0))   {      System.IO.StreamReader str = new System.IO.StreamReader(         httpWebRequest.GetResponse().GetResponseStream());      Response.Write(str.ReadToEnd());      if (str != null) str.Close();    }}catch (System.Net.WebException ex){   Response.Write("File does not exist.");}


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