How to Save URL Contents to an MHTML Archive Format

When you save an HTML file with Internet Explorer, it saves the contents as a Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML (MHTML) file, with an .mht extension. But you can easily accomplish the same result programmatically, using the CDO Message object. Here’s an example:

/// <summary>/// Saves the url to a Archive File (.mht)/// </summary>/// The URL./// The file path./// public static bool SaveWebPageToMHTFile( string url, string filePath){   try   {      CDO.Message msg = new CDO.MessageClass();      ADODB.Stream stm = null ;      msg.MimeFormatted =true;      msg.CreateMHTMLBody(url,CDO.CdoMHTMLFlags.cdoSuppressNone,          "" ,"" );      stm = msg.GetStream();      stm.SaveToFile(         filePath,ADODB.SaveOptionsEnum.adSaveCreateOverWrite);      msg=null;      stm.Close();      return true;   }   catch(Exception ex)   {      throw ex;      return false;   }}
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