How to Remove Version Control Bindings from Visual Studio Solutions

Binding a Visual Studio Solution to code controllers such as Visual SourceSafe (VSS) offers many advantages to develoeprs. However, it is also a pain when you have to distribute such code to other users who do not have VSS or access to VSS.

To work around the problem, you can remove VSS from your solution by following this two-step process:

  1. Close all instances of Visual Studio, and delete all the files in the solution directory that end with .scc.
  2. Edit the solution to remove all traces of the source code controller binding. Remove the section GlobalSection(SourceCodeControl) in the solution file. Also remove the keys named SccProjectName, SccLocalPath, SccAuxPath, and SccProvider.

At this point, the solution is free of source code control references. Save the entire solution in a new location. Now, you can distribute the code to non-VSS users.

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