Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in ASP.NET Using Javascript

Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in ASP.NET Using Javascript

Keyboard shortcuts improve productivity by accomplishing tasks more quickly and without much effort. If you have used the new YahooMail or Gmail, you will be quiet familiar with these shortcuts.

To implement similar functionality in your 2.0/3.5 applications follow these 2 simple steps:

[login]1. In the Page_Load event of your page put the following code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "Shortcut", "document.attachEvent ('onkeyup', HandleShortcutKeys);", true);}

The above code attaches the "onkeyup" event to HTML document object and calls "HandleShortcutKeys()" Javascript function on key up event.

2. Implement the the onkeyup event handler function ( HandleShortcutKeys() in this case ) on the client side (i.e. Javascript) to handle the key events like below:

function HandleShortcutKeys(){       // 1 Pressed        if (event.keyCode == 49)       {                      //... Implement some code/functionality       }               // 2 Pressed        if (event.keyCode == 50)        {            //... some other code        }               // 3 Pressed        if (event.keyCode == 51)        {                                 //... some other code        }     }


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