Add and Subtract Dates Using VBScript

Add and Subtract Dates Using VBScript

VBScript has two functions for adding/subtracting dates or date values: DateAdd and DateDiff. For example:

 DateAdd(interval, number, date)DateDiff(interval, date1, date2 [,firstdayofweek[, firstweekofyear]])

Interval could be “yyyy” for Year, “q” for Quarter, “m” for Month, “y” for Day of year, “d” for Day, “w” for Weekday, “ww” for Week of year, “h” for Hour, “n” for Minute, or “s” Second. For example, to find the date a month from today you would write:

 Response.Write DateAdd("m", 1, Date())

To find the days until the millenium, you would write:

 Response.Write DateDiff("d", Date(), CDate("1/1/2000"))

A better use for these date functions may be for your ad-hoc SQL statements. For example, this query finds all sales from the last quarter.

 SzSQL = "Select * From Sales Where SaleDate > #" & DateAdd("q", -1, Date()) & "#"


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