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Python Wonderwords Library: Random Words and Sentences
by James Payne
There are many ways to randomly generate text in Python. Learn how to use the Wonderwords library to generate random words and sentences.
How to Split Strings in Java
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to split strings in Java using the split() method. Follow our code example and test out your own strings.
Python Logical Operators
by James Payne
A Python programming tutorial for developers that want to learn how to use Logical operators. Learn how to use AND, OR, and NOT.
How to Use the StringJoiner Class in Java
by MS Sridhar
This Java programming tutorial shows you how to use the StringJoiner Class to join strings. Read along with our code examples.
How to Find the Status of Threads in Java
by MS Sridhar
Finding the status of threads in Java is pretty simple. Learn how to find thread status in this Java programming tutorial.
How to Read Data from a URL in Java
by MS Sridhar
This programming tutorial teaches developers how to use the java.net package and its methods to read data from a URL. Read our code examples.
How to Remove a System Property in Java
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to remove a system property in Java using java.util package methods. Practice Java coding with our example code.
How to List Memory Types in Java
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to list the available memory types in Java using the java.lang.management.MemoryType package utility. Practice with our code examples.
Java: How to List All Network Interfaces
by MS Sridhar
Learn how to list all networking interfaces in Java using the java.net and java.util packages. Read our code examples. 
Generate Random Numbers in Java Within a Range
by Sridhar M S
In this article we learn how to create a random number generator in Java that randomizes numbers within a range. Learn more.
Find Element Position in an Array with Java
by Sridhar M S
Learn how to find the position of an element in an Array in this Java programming and developer tutorial. 
Using CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java
by Sridhar M S
This quick Java tutorial shows you how to use CopyOnWriteArrayList in Java. Read along with our sample code.
Creating Variables in Kotlin
by James Payne
In this programming tutorial we take a look at the Kotlin language. Learn how to create the different types of variables in Kotlin with code examples.
How to Create the Hello World App in Kotlin
by James Payne
Today we will learn how to create the Hello World application in Kotlin, the eventual replacement for Java. Learn how to code your first Kotlin app.
How to Accept User Input in Java
by James Payne
Learn how to use the Scanner class and nextLine() method to accept user input in Java. Learn the java.util package and other methods. 
Java String Methods toUpperCase() and toLowerCase()
by James Payne
This Java quick tip shows you how to convert Strings and text into lowercase and uppercase using String methods. Read our code examples and tips.
Using get(), set(), and size() with Arraylist in Java
by James Payne
Java programming tutorial shows how to use the get(), set(), and size() methods on ArrayLists to change and access array elements. Learn more.
Using Add() and Remove() ArrayList Methods in Java
by James Payne
Learn how to work with the ArrayList class and use the add() and remove() methods to add and remove elements in an array using Java. Learn more.
How to Use Java ArrayList
by James Payne
Learn how to use the Java ArrayList class in Java. Follow along with code examples. 
Python Comparison Operators
by James Payne
This article contains a list of the different Python comparison operators and explains how to use them. Follow along with our code examples. 
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