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Tip of the Day
Language: XML
Expertise: Advanced
Apr 10, 2007

Declare the Coolest XQuery Variables

Here's how to declare some important variables in XQuery:
  • declare variable $v as document-node(element(*,xdt:untyped)) external;: Use this variable to pass an XML tree to a XQuery query.
  • declare namespace nameSpace="http://nameSpace.org"; and declare variable $nameSpace:v as xs:decimal:= 0.19;: These declare an XQuery variable into a namespace.
  • declare variable $v as node() := ...: This declares an XQuery variable that acts as an XML node.
  • declare variable $v as attribute() := ...: Declares an XQuery variable that acts as an XML attribute.
  • declare variable $v as element() := ...: Declares an XQuery variable that acts as a XML element.

Leonard Anghel
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