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Tip of the Day
Language: .NET
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 11, 2009

Binding a Hashtable to a DropDownList Web Server Control

When you need to bind a Hashtable to a DropDownList control, rather than iterating through all the items in the Hashtable, creating ListItem objects, and adding them to the Items collection of the DropDownList, simply use the Value and Key properties of the Hashtable to bind the data.

The following C# code shows how:

//Create and add some items to hashtable
Hashtable hashItems = new Hashtable();
hashItems.Add("1", "Item1");
hashItems.Add("2", "Item2");
hashItems.Add("3", "Item3");
hashItems.Add("4", "Item4");
hashItems.Add("5", "Item5");

//Bind hashItems to the DropDownList control ddlItems
ddlItems.DataSource = hashItems;
ddlItems.DataTextField = "Value";
ddlItems.DataValueField = "Key";
Deepak Choudhari
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