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Language: .NET
Expertise: Intermediate
Dec 12, 2009

Make Your WPF Applications Adapt to the Host Machine

Do your users ever complain that your WPF applications are too slow, or that they aren't behaving properly? In many cases, you can solve such problems by taking advantage of WPF's ability to recognize the graphics capabilities of a user's machine.

For example, use the following code to determine whether the machine supports hardware acceleration, partial hardware acceleration, or no acceleration:

int displayTier = 
   (System.Windows.Media.RenderCapability.Tier > 16)
if (displayTier == 0)
   //no hardware acceleration
else if (displayTier == 1)
   //partial hardware acceleration
   //supports hardware acceleration

With this knowledge, you can selectively choose only those capabilities that work best on the user's hardware.

Srinath MS
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