Epicor Announces New Release of Epicor BisTrack

Epicor Announces New Release of Epicor BisTrack

Leading LBM Technology Vendor Leaps Forward in Usability with .NET UpdateEpicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations, today announced a major update to its Epicor BisTrack business management solution for lumber and building materials (LBM) dealers and distributors. The new release, Epicor BisTrack version 4.0, includes a platform update to the Microsoft?? .NET Framework, a simplified and streamlined user interface and added functionality.Epicor BisTrack is a business management solution designed to help pro-dealers and distributors of lumber, building materials and construction supplies better manage all aspects of their businesses. The new release of Epicor BisTrack takes full advantage of .NET to give users more control over how they view and work with their data. The updated and familiar Windows?? interface promises to improve productivity and shorten training time. The innovative user interface gives users the ability to organize their screens with customizable ribbon bars, context-sensitive grid control, and personal Favorites lists.”Epicor BisTrack being .NET makes all the difference in the world to us,??? said Tyler Banken, IT director for Dunn Lumber of Seattle, a BisTrack 4.0 beta site. ???It allows us to bring in other resources, as well as use additional plug-ins to make it easier to deploy new features and functions. Switching to .NET is going to pay off dividends in the long run as far as sustainability of the application.”The new version of Epicor BisTrack also includes a number of other features that will appeal to different lumber and building materials dealers. The product now allows users to insert Added-Value Order (AVO) price and time into a sales order, schedule work orders and sales orders together, and share these times with the work crew via an Outlook calendar. For distributors and dealers with multiple locations, Epicor also added tools to better coordinate and optimize the movement of inventory between branches. Roofing, siding and drywall suppliers will appreciate BisTrack???s new pricing and discounting options that aid in managing extensive product variations and pricing models. Other new features include added support for Tim-BR Mart promotional programs, and the ability to promote products and services at the point of sale through configurable customer-facing displays.???Epicor BisTrack is built on a flexible technology infrastructure that allows Epicor to easily adapt it to the changes in technology and keeps BisTrack a feature-rich system that takes full advantage of the latest technology advancements,??? said Steve Bieszczat, senior vice president, automotive and marketing for Epicor. ???When you have this dedication to innovation and marry it with the biggest, most stable technology vendor in the LBM market, you have an unbeatable combination.???For additional information regarding Epicor BisTrack, please contact Duncan Gurney, [email protected], or +44 (0)7912 495630.

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