Book Excerpt: How to Do Everything with JavaScript

ring interactivity to any Web site with this easy-to-follow guidebook on JavaScript. Author Scott Duffy takes the fear out of working with a programming language by delivering instruction and theory in manageable doses, along with practical examples and plenty of ready-to-use code. Learn to write a program by exploring statements, variables, and functions?the three basic building blocks of any program. Use JavaScript as the behind-the-scenes director of your Web browser presentation.

Chapter 3, “Use Built-in JavaScript Classes,” discusses how to write unstructured programs, organize code into procedures, instantiate an object with a new operator, create a string object using a string literal, and much, much more.

Download the PDF of Chapter 3: “Use Built-in JavaScript Classes”

Reproduced from How to Do Everything with JavaScript by permission of Osborne/McGraw Hill ISBN 0-07-222887-3, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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