Should You Put Much Stock in App Reviews?

Should You Put Much Stock in App Reviews?

Should You Put Much Stock in App Reviews?

In today’s world of online shopping and e-commerce, reviews play an enormously important role. In the past, customers would have to seek out product reviews. They were also not widely available or accessible to the public. This meant consumers made purchases with a great deal of trust and had little to influence their decision, other than their own opinion.

Things couldn’t be more different today. Now, reviews are placed front and center and play a significant role in determining consumer behavior. Apps are not different, whether you choose to buy iOS app reviews or encourage your users to leave them directly, developers must place an enormous amount of stock in app reviews. Let’s find out more.

How Do App Reviews Work?

When a customer downloads and uses your app, they will have the option of leaving a review. This can be unprompted, or the user may be encouraged to leave a review via an in-app pop-up window.

Reviews can be in the form of a simple rating, such as a numerical or star-based score out of five, or they can be more extensive, with the user able to write comments detailing their thoughts and feelings about the app.

After users post a review, the app’s product page will display it before offering the option to download it.

Why are Reviews so Important?

There are two main reasons why app reviews are so important. The first and perhaps most obvious one is the direct influence they can have on the opinion and behavior of potential customers. When a customer visits your product page, one of the very first things they see is the reviews. If they see lots of good reviews, they will be far more likely to move ahead with a download or purchase.

On the other hand, if your app has attracted negative reviews, this will discourage potential users as they will perceive your app as unreliable, untrustworthy, and of low quality.

Reviews play another important role as well. Having lots of positive reviews can result in a higher ranking for your app in charts and search results. Conversely, negative reviews will drive your app down the rankings, where it will receive far less traffic.

What if You Get a Bad Review?

Getting one or more bad reviews can feel like a disaster. While it certainly isn’t a pleasant situation to be in, there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the damage. Use a bad review as an opportunity to identify and address issues with your application. Reach out to the user who left the review and open a line of communication. Explain that you are aware of the issue and thank them for bringing it to their attention. Offer them a discount or some other kind of remuneration. Doing so will make your brand seem conscientious and that it cares about customers.


Developers must place a lot of stock in app reviews. The feelings and behavior of the users can influence users and determine their app ranking on the charts.

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