Book Excerpt: 802.11 Security

Book Excerpt: 802.11 Security

he integrity and confidentiality of information traveling through the air has always been a concern. Who is really broadcasting the signal you are receiving? Is anyone eavesdropping on the signal? These questions become critical when you are transmitting data between military installations or making a stock transaction over the Internet using your 802.11b-capable PDA. Due to the ease with which an attacker can intercept or modify your 802.11b communications, it is imperative that you understand the risks in using a wireless network and how to protect yourself, your infrastructure, and your users.

Chapter 1 discusses the basics of wireless, radio transmission, inherent security concerns, 802.11, WEP, problems associated with WEP, and more.

Download the PDF of Chapter 1: “A Wireless World”

Chapter 2 delves farther into the world of wireless and discusses Denial-of-Service Attacks, Man-in-the-Middle Attacks, illicit use, wireless risks, and more.

Download the PDF of Chapter 2: “Attacks and Risks”

Reproduced from 802.11 Security by permission of O’Reilly & Associates. ISBN 0596002904, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.


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