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10 Tips for Hiring Great DevOps Engineers

When you're asking employees to wear a lot of hats, every hire is crucial.


In an interview with eWeek, James Kenigsberg, chief technology officer for 2U Inc., noted that companies that embrace DevOps need to work extra hard to make sure they hire quality personnel. "With everyone operating on the bleeding edges of tech trends and collaborating more closely, one person can make the difference between a high-functioning team contributing great work in complete alignment with the business' goals, and a hamstrung mismatch of inefficient and ineffective teammates," the eWeek article says.

Kenigsberg offered ten tips for hiring great DevOps engineers:

  1. Hire for Adaptability
  2. Hire for Foresight
  3. Hire Excellent Collaborators
  4. Hire Automators
  5. Hire for Attention to Detail
  6. Hire for the Ability to Model
  7. Hire at Conferences and Meetups
  8. Hire for Innovation
  9. Pay for Talent
  10. Create a Learning Environment

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