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GitHub Adds Project Management Features

The source code management service is making it easier for project managers to control large projects with a lot of contributors.


GitHub, the popular code hosting service, has updated some of its features, offering greatly enhanced project management capabilities. Specifically, it is now easier to manage comments by grouping and categorizing them.

In addition, project managers can now block code merges until after code reviews, and code reviews are better integrated into the development process. "First-class code review is being brought to pull requests," explained Connor Sears, senior director of product design at GitHub. "That will allow you to batch up comments as one review. This means you don’t get an e-mail notification every time someone leaves a comment now. You can also attach a status to that review: thumbs up that it’s good to go, or specify work-specific changes that should happen before a person checks code in."

In addition, GitHub introduced a refreshed API for integrations, some design changes and the option to use two-factor authentication.

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