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Google Launches Cloud Monitoring Service

The company also announced a cloud-based debugger and a separate monitoring tool called Cloud Trace.


During the first day of this year's I/O Developer Conference, most of the emphasis was on Android and mobile development. However, the company also made several cloud development announcements.

First, the company launched a service called Google Cloud Monitoring. Based on technology from Stackdriver, which Google recently acquired, the Cloud Monitoring provides dashboards and alerts for monitoring apps deployed on Google App Engine or other cloud computing services.

Google also launched a second monitoring service called Cloud Trace which provides visualizations for how long it takes cloud-based apps to process various requests.

Third, it unveiled Cloud Debugger, which helps developers find coding errors in cloud-based apps. According to Google, it will "give you a full stack trace and snapshots of all local variables for any watchpoint that you set in your code while your application continues to run undisturbed in production."

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