Google’s pixel 8 pro adopts minimalistic camera finish

Google’s pixel 8 pro adopts minimalistic camera finish

Minimalistic Camera

The latest update in the Pixel 8 Pro’s bar camera design sees a shift from the typical shiny finishes to a more minimalistic brushed finish. This is causing considerable speculation on Google’s future aesthetic plans. The move to a brushed finish seems to convey an intent to blend functionality with style, which might point towards a potential future design trend for Google. Interestingly, this has ignited debates on who should have initiated such transformation – Google or the users themselves?

Although Pixel 7 Pro and 8 Pro boast well-crafted designs, the shiny metal frame of the camera has been a letdown. Over time, it becomes prone to scratches and eventually loses its initial charm. Furthermore, constant maintenance might be a turn-off for some users. The protective gear, despite being practical, adds on to the phone’s density, affecting its sleek facade.

Adopting minimalistic finish in Pixel 8 Pro

Consequently, striking a balance between appearance and sturdiness poses a challenge.

Conversely, the more economical Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 models feature a matte finish that offers durability and a refined look, accounting for its popularity among users. While users still employ additional protective accessories to ensure the solidity of the polished metal, textured metal emerges as the favored material for future Google phones. The resistance of the textured metal towards damage saves users from unnecessary expenses in the long run, explaining its preference.

A Pixel 8 Pro owner caused a stir in the Pixel community by transforming the shiny metal to a used finish look. However, users ought to avoid such personal modifications to the device as it could lead to rejection of warranty claims and probable scratches to the phone’s rear glass. As an alternative, skins mimicking a matte glass look for the Pixel 8 Pro are available for purchase. Although these skins do enhance the aesthetic appeal of the device, users should prioritize functionality over design.

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As Google overlooked the inclusion of a brushed or textured finish in its Pixel Pro models, users have creatively modified their devices to achieve a more durable and attractive appearance. This highlights the necessity for Google to adapt to the users’ evolving design preferences in their forthcoming models.


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