Johannah Lopez- Editor at DevX

Johannah Lopez - Editor at DevX

An astute observer of market trends and personal finance strategies with a knack for demystifying complex financial concepts for the everyday reader. Johannah combines her background in economics with a compassionate approach to advising individuals on budgeting, investing, and saving for the future.

About Johannah Lopez

Johanna Lopez excels in breaking down financial barriers and elucidating the often-intimidating world of personal finance. With a degree in Economics and a certification as a personal finance advisor, she is equipped to offer expert advice with a human touch. Her columns resonate with readers who appreciate her practical guidance on everything from budgeting techniques and debt management to retirement planning and investment strategies. Johanna is an advocate for financial literacy, believing that financial well-being is accessible to all, not just the privileged few.


Johannah has consulted for various financial advisory firms, providing tailored financial planning services to clients. She has conducted workshops on budgeting and investing for community groups and has been a guest speaker on local radio shows discussing the importance of financial literacy.


Completed an extensive program in Economics with a minor in Personal Finance, coupled with seminars in behavioral finance and wealth management.


  • Personal finance and wealth management.
  • Budgeting and debt reduction strategies.
  • Investment planning and risk assessment.
  • Financial literacy and education.



Certified Personal Finance Advisor (CPFA), with additional certifications in retirement planning and investment analysis.

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