Johannah Lopez

CRISPR Precision

Novel CRISPR Systems Enhance Gene-Editing Precision

Recent research has pinpointed 188 novel CRISPR systems within microorganisms, thanks to the FLSHclust algorithm. This breakthrough could lead to more accurate gene editing while reducing unintended “off-target” consequences. These

Sustainability Shift

UC Shifts Focus from Carbon Offsets to Sustainability

The University of California (UC) has recently opted to significantly reduce its reliance on third-party carbon offsets in its sustainability efforts, following a research team’s discovery that projects such as

Algorithm Safety

Instagram Algorithm Faces Safety Concerns

Instagram’s Reels feature, designed to provide users with a customized feed of short videos tailored to their interests, has recently been criticized for the potentially harmful implications of its algorithm.

Resume Scandal Resignation

OCC Officer Resigns Amid Resume Scandal

Scandal at the OCC The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has found itself embroiled in a scandal as its inaugural chief financial technology officer resigned amid allegations

Desert Energy Transformation

Massive Chinese Desert Energy Transformation Underway

In the isolated deserts of China, a significant energy transformation is occurring, with considerable consequences for the worldwide fight against climate change. Through President Xi Jinping’s plan to utilize large,