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Report: Tech Hiring at Unprecedented Levels

Development expertise features prominently on the list of hottest job skills.


Two new employment reports indicate that the job market for developers could be hotter than ever in 2015. First, a Dice report finds that tech hiring plans are stronger than they've ever been:

  • 75 percent of recruiters surveyed expect to hire more tech workers in the next six months than in the last six months.
  • 72 percent of companies surveyed plan to increase their headcount of tech workers by more than 10 percent next year.
  • 64 percent of hiring managers say more job candidates are asking for more money.
  • 40 percent of hiring managers say voluntary job departures are increasing.
  • 43 percent of hiring managers report that candidates are getting more counteroffers from their current employers.

Second, LinkedIn has published a list of the hottest job skills of 2014, and several items on the list relate to development. They include middleware and integration software (2), mobile development (7), Web architecture and development framework (8), algorithm design (9), Perl/Python/Ruby (10), Data engineering and data warehousing (11), Java development (19), Shell scripting languages (23) and game development (24).

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