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Recent tool releases from prominent vendors offer designers and developers a variety of new and upgraded technologies for reshaping the design, implementation, and delivery of rich Internet applications (RIAs). DevX presents a series of articles that takes a look at these new tools, frameworks, languages, and services and how they could raise the stakes in giving web developers the ability to streamline their design-to-runtime application development life cycles.
Get a hands-on introduction to the newest RIA technologies from Adobe, Microsoft, and Sun by building demo applications using AIR (Flex), Silverlight (CLR), and JavaFX.
The Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in enables developers to host Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), which feature animation, vector graphics, and video playback. Find out how to get started with Silverlight, and get a feel for how this new type of development works.
How does the new JavaFX Script language fit with existing Swing and Java2D UI development? An experienced Java UI developer breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Find out how to build a rich user-management interface with Silverlight 1.1 and then tie that interface to the ASP.NET membership system. It will show animations, HTML control overlays, interactions between managed code and the DOM, calling web services from Silverlight, and more.
Take a look at Adobe's AIR, and see how this cross-platform, run-time engine can help you apply your skills to create and distribute Internet-enabled desktop applications.
JavaFX Script is a new scripting language from Sun meant to provide rich user interfaces to compete with AJAX, Silverlight, and many other RIA technologies. What does JavaFX look like, how does it work, and will it succeed? Those questions and more are answered in this introductory review of JavaFX.
Silverlight provides a much-needed alternative to Flash, and you can write Silverlight applications with nothing but Notepad and a little XAML, JavaScript, and HTML knowledge. And you don’t even need a web server!
Build a SQLite query application on AIR to tap the environment's novel yet little known file I/O, database access, and local file access features.
Not sure what to make of the JavaFX Script language? You're not alone. Follow along as a veteran Java developer makes his first foray into UI development with JavaFX Script.

DevX Special Report: A New Era for Rich Internet Applications

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