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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 30, 1997



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App.Path Might Return UNC Path Specifications

Unlike VB4, VB5''''''''s App.Path property might return a UNC path, such as "\\server\programs\..."), under certain circumstances, depending on how the program started and if it''''''''s interpreted in the VB IDE or compiled as a standalone EXE. This change likely affects all applications that use App.Path to set the current directory when the program starts:
 ChDrive App.Path
ChDir App.Path
In fact, because ChDrive cannot handle UNC paths, the code might raise a fatal runtime error, and should be protected using an On Error Resume Next statement. This fix, however, doesn''''''''t protect you under every possible condition. The best approach is to give the end user the capability to set the application directory at run time, then save the entered value in the registry or in an INI file. For more information on this problem and its possible solutions, see article Q167167 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
Francesco Balena
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