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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997



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License Errors in VB4

I ran across an interesting problem trying to install VB4 Enterprise Edition in the Windows 3.1 environment. The new version of VB uses the Registry database, which in Win 3.1 is limited to 64K. As a computer consultant with a big-six firm, I have an extensive list of software installed on my laptop to work in various client environments. I had previously installed Microsoft Office, MS Project, and the standard Lotus Suite software. The REG.DAT file was apparently just about maxed out. When I installed VB4, I got no indications of errors during setup, but when I tried to run VB and use certain custom controls, I got "License" errors. A call to Microsoft verified the problem and brought this workaround:

  1. Manually remove VB4.
  2. Manually remove all OCX's and OCA's from \windows\system.
  3. Manually remove OC25.DLL from \windows\system.
  4. Rename Reg.Dat to Reg.Old.
  5. Remove all items from the Windows Startup Group.
  6. Remove all programs auto started in the WIN.INI file with the
    "Load" or "Run"sections.
  7. Remove all TSRs from the Autoexec.Bat file.
  8. If you are running a compressed drive, free up 6MB of space in a non-compressed volume.
  9. Exit Windows and reboot.
  10. Start up Windows and re-install VB4.
  11. Restore system settings.

Technical Reviewer's Note: The license errors happened to me in Windows 95. An uninstall of VB and reinstall of VB corrected the problem. Thanks for the tip!

Jim Gilligan
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