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Tip of the Day
Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 6, 1997

Cool Screen Wipes

You can achieve some cool form wipes with judicious use of the Move method. For example, to draw a curtain from right to left use this routine:
 Sub WipeRight (Lt%, Tp%, frm As Form)
	Dim s, Wx, Hx, i
	s = 90 'number of steps to use in the wipe
	Wx = frm.Width / s 'size of vertical steps
	Hx = frm.Height / s 'size of horizontal steps
	' top and left are static 
	' while the width gradually shrinks
	For i = 1 To s - 1
		frm.Move Lt, Tp, frm.Width - Wx
End Sub
Call the routine from a command button by using this code:
 L = Me.Left
T = Me.Top
WipeRight L, T, Me
It is also possible to wipe a form from bottom to top, and from both sides to the middle, using similar routines.
David Mawson
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