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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Aug 7, 1997



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Overcome ODBC ErrorTip Correction-Same ol' Story

A tip on page 48 of the March 1996 issue of VBPJ states that an ODBC error message occurs when using VB3 with the Access 2.0 compatibility layer. An error occurs if DB_SQLPASSTHROUGH is used to create a record set and then another record set is created without fully populating the previously opened one. The article concludes by saying that the error does not occur in VB4.

I currently use the 32-bit version of VB4 which uses Jet 3.0, and this error still occurs. I use the above method to get around it. If you create a record set that is only going to return one row you do not need to do this, and you can use DB_FORWARDONLY, which speeds up the query.

Dave Barraclough
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