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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 19, 1997



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A Handy Utility for Working with INI Files

If you work with INI files, save yourself hours of work and download the INIFILE.BAS module I've uploaded to the VBPJ and MSBASIC Forums on CompuServe (file KPINI.ZIP). There's no charge for it, and I'm available on-line to answer questions about it (Peterson is the sysop of the 32-Bit Bucket on the VBPJ Forum--Ed.). KPINI includes more than 40 routines that can do just about anything imaginable to or with an INI file. A series of special functions deals with the oddity that is SYSTEM.INI, such as determining if a driver is loaded or even retrieving a list of all drivers. You'll find functions for retrieving all the sections with a file, all the entries within a section, erasing an entry or an entire section, and many, many other things. All functions are implemented for both WIN.INI and PRIVATE.INIs. The module can be added to any existing project. Enjoy!
Karl E.
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