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Language: C++
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May 6, 1998



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Fast, Efficient and Easy Way to Initialize Local Arrays

Fast, Efficient and Easy Way to Initialize Local Arrays By default, local data arrays created on the stack are not initialized; they contain garbage values. The easiest, most efficient and future-proof way to initialize them is as follows:
	void f() {
		char  name[100] = {0};  //all members initialized to '\0'
		float farr[1024] = {0}; //all members initialized to 0.0
		int   iarr[9999] = {0}; //all members initialized to 0.0
		void *pvarr[100] = {0};//all members initialized to NULL
And it even works for arrays of structs:
	struct A { char name[20]; 
			int age; /*other members*/ 

	void f() {
		A a[100] = {0};

The only exception is arrays of objects, which cannot be initialized like this if they have a user-defined constructor.
Danny Kalev
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