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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Nov 18, 1998



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Tie a Message Box to Debug.Assert for Advanced Debugging

Placing a message box in an error trap can provide useful debugging information, but it doesn't allow you to return to the subroutine or function to poke around and further debug the code. This version of a message box expedites design-time debugging by breaking execution if the developer presses OK:
Private Function MyDebugMsg(ByVal aMessage _
	As String) As Boolean
	' This function is used for expediting 
	' development
	If MsgBox(aMessage, vbOKCancel, _
		"OK puts you into the Error Trap") = vbOK Then
		MyDebugMsg = False
		MyDebugMsg = True
	End If
End Function

' Sample sub
Public Sub SetColor()
On Error GoTo SetColorError

' body of the subroutine would go here,
' force an error to demonstrate
Error 5

	Exit Sub

	' In an error trap place this line in addition to any
	' other error handling code
	Debug.Assert MyDebugMsg(Err.Description & " in SetColor")

	'other error handling code
	Resume SetColorErrorExit
End Sub
Stan Mlynek
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