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Language: Web
Expertise: Beginner
Feb 5, 1999



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Background Image Tiling With CSS

Cascading Style Sheets allow developers to exercise greater control over background images on the Web. You can make an image tile vertically across the page, horizontally across the page, or both. Simply define the style at the top of the page, and declare in the <BODY> tag.

<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
.vert {background-image: url(myImage.gif); background-repeat: repeat-y;}
.horiz {background-image: url(myImage.gif); background-repeat: repeat-x;}
.both {background-image: url(myImage.gif); background-repeat: repeat;}

<BODY CLASS = "vert">

The .vert class will tile the image vertically, the .horiz class will tile it horizontally, and the .both class will cover the screen.
Steve Renaker
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