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Language: Web
Expertise: Beginner
May 20, 1999



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Display Tooltips on Your Hyperlinks

Web authors should be used to using the ALT tag to provide a textual label for an image. However, you can't apply ALT text to a textual link, and most authors make ALT text extremely concise because browsers often use that text as a placeholder label while the graphic is being downloaded. HTML 4.0 offers a new anchor annotation tag called TITLE, which in most browsers is displayed in the form of tooltip text. What better way to make your Web page more helpful to the user than to use a familiar help method to provide more explanation about where you go if you click on the link.
<A HREF="moss.asp" TITLE="Scottish moss is a great ground cover">Scottish moss</A> only $5.79 a flat
Erik Goetze
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