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Tip of the Day
Language: Visual Basic, C++
Expertise: Intermediate
May 28, 1999

Create C++ DLLs to be Used in VB Apps

Some C++ programmers develop Win32 API DLLs that can used from Visual Basic programs. Use the __stdcall prefix with functions exported from the C++ DLL that you want to access from VB 5.0. For example, the code in a simple Win32 DLL exporting GetMyComputerName using .def would be:
.Def File contents::

LIBRARY  <library-name>
DESCRIPTION "Some description"
     GetMyComputerName        @1

.CPP file contents::
BOOL __stdcall GetMyComputerName(LPSTR szComputerName, LPSTR szErrorMsg)
This function could be used in VB after declaring the following:
Declare Function GetMyComputerName Lib "<dll filename>" (ByVal strComputerName
As String, ByVal strErrorMsg As String) As Long
KulBhushan Sharma
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