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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 18, 1999



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Numeric Conversion of Strings

When dealing with numerics and strings, be advised of a couple "gotchas." The Val() function isn't internationally aware and will cause problems if you have users overseas. But you can't just blindly switch to CLng, CInt, and so on, which are internationally aware. These functions don't support an empty string (vbNullString or "") or strings that fail the IsNumeric test and will raise an error if used as such. Consider wrapping your own function around these calls to check for an empty text string before converting:

Public Function MyCInt(IntValue as Variant) as Integer
	If IsNumeric(IntValue) Then
		MyCInt = CInt(IntValue)
		MyCInt = 0
	End If
End Function
Joe Karbowski
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