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Language: C++
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Jun 28, 1999



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Date: 1/31/2018 @ 2 p.m. ET

The New long long Data Type

The long long type denotes an integral data type that is at least as large as a long int. On 32-bit architectures and 64-bit architectures, long long occupies 64 bits (eight bytes). Although long long is not defined by theANSI/ISO C++ standard yet, it is defined by the C9X draft standard and in practice, many platforms (Win32, Unix, Linux and others) already support it. As with other integral types, a long long can also be unsigned:

  unsigned long long distance_to_star;

You can add the affixes "ll" and "LL" to a literal integer to indicate a long long type:

  #define year_light_in_km 9460800000000LL

Similarly, you can add the affixes "ull" and "ULL" to a literal integer to indicate an unsigned long long type.

Danny Kalev
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