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Jul 9, 1999



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Dynamic Resource Allocation Boosts Disk and Memory Scalability in SQL Server 7.0

In SQL Server 7.0, dynamic resource allocation lets disk and memory usage scale to meet changing database demands. This flexibility lets SQL Server provide better performance and simplifies managing the software by eliminating the need to pre-allocate a given amount of memory and hard disk space for SQL Server. Version 6.5 requires you to manually configure the amount of memory you want to allocate to SQL Server and the amount of disk space you want to assign to each database device. As a SQL Server 6.5 system grows, you have to manually alter configuration settings for these resources to keep SQL Server optimized. SQL Server 7.0 automatically increases and decreases the amount of memory and disk space needed. The indirect advantage of this feature is the elimination of devices.
Jai Bardhan
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