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Language: Web, Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 15, 1999



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Counter in For-Next Statement

It is always easy for people who know Visual Basic to write code in VBScript. But sometimes you make some common mistakes because of the implementation differences between VB and VBScript. One such common mistake is in usage of For-Next statement. In VB you can optionally specify the name of counter variable in a Next statement. If you omit the name of counter variable then the, execution continues as if counter is included. In VBScript you cannot specify the name of the counter variable after Next statement.

This is one of the common mistakes that many VB programmers (at least I) make when they write For-Next statements in VBScript. You will get an "Expected end of Statement" error if you try to specify the name of counter variable after the Next statement.


' This is valid in VBScript
 For lIndex = 0 to lCount

' This is not valid in VBScript
 For lIndex = 0 to lCount
 Next lIndex      ' note name of counter variable lIndex after Next
However, in VB, both of the above written For-Next statements are valid.
Deepak Pant
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