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Apr 3, 2000



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Set the Layout Behavior of Controls with the J++ Form Designer

The Visual J++ Form Designer allows you to both anchor and dock controls on a form. When a control is anchored to an edge of its container, the distance between the control and the specified edge remains constant when the container resizes. When a control is docked to the edge of its container, it remains in contact with that edge when the container resizes.

A control can be anchored to any combination of the edges of a control. If the control is anchored to opposite edges of its container (for example, to the top and bottom), it resizes when the container resizes. To anchor the control within the form, double-click on the anchor property for the control. In the Anchor editor, click the cross bars to enable and disable anchoring between the control and the form edge.

More than one control can be docked to the edge of a form. If multiple controls are docked to the same edge, one is docked to the edge of the container, and the others are docked as close as possible to the edge without covering each other. To modify docking behavior for a control, double-click the control's dock property. In the Docking editor, click the bars to enable and disable docking for the control. Click None to disable docking.
Manoj K.
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