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Language: Enterprise
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Sep 15, 2000



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Dynamically Change the Access Passthrough Query Definition

This is a useful tip if you are using SQL Server as your database and Access as your front-end application. Use the following code to dynamically change the Access passthrough query definition, which helps to pull necessary data from the server while avoiding redundant network traffic.

 Private Sub ChangeQueryDefinition()

   Dim dbs as Database
   Dim strSQL as String
   Dim strQuery as String
   Dim strPassthroughQuery as String
   Dim qDef as QueryDefinition

   Set dbs=Currentdb()
   strQuery="Your Access query name"
   srrPassthroughQuery="Your SQL Server view name"

   '*** Build your SQL statement ***
   strSQL="SELECT * FROM " & strPassthroughQuery  
          & " WHERE condition"

   Set qDef=dbs.Querydefs(strQuery)

   Set qDef=Nothing
   Set dbs=Nothing

End Sub
The resulting passthrough query can be used to connect to any list box or combo box.
 Call ChangequeryDefinition
Dim strSQL as String

strSQL="SELECT * FROM Access Passthrough query"
Venkat Alladi
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