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Language: Java
Expertise: Intermediate
Jan 4, 2001



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Exception Handling, Inheritance and the Need For Strict Rules

Java has some strict rules for exception handling when it comes to inheritance and overriding of methods.

Consider this example:
class Base                     
    void amethod() { }

class Derv extends Base
    void amethod() throws Exception { } //compile-time error

    public static void main( String s[] )
        Base b = new Derv();   // line 12
        b.amethod();           // line 13

The above code gives an error when compiled. The reason for this is that when the subclass overrides a method of the super class, the method definition in the subclass can only specify all or a subset of the exception classes in the throws clause of the overridden method in the superclass.

Anil Nair
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