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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Mar 5, 2001



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Finding the Form That Contains a Control From Any Point in the Code

You may find that you want to know something about the form that contains the control you wish to use. You could do this by passing a reference to the form, but that will get messy if you are nested 5 levels deep in procedures. A cleaner solution is to use the Container property to get the form. Of course, a control may be contained by other controls. The solution is to walk the chain of containers until you reach the form.
Public Function GetForm(ctr As Control) As Object
    Set GetForm = ctr.Container
    Do Until TypeOf GetForm Is Form
        Set GetForm = GetForm.Container
End Function
Now, since this function returns an object, you should cast it back to a form for better performance. This is shown below using a control array of nested pictureboxes:
Private Sub picNested_Click(Index As Integer)
    Dim frm As Form

    Set frm = GetForm(picNested(Index))
    MsgBox frm.Name, vbOKOnly, "Name of form"
End Sub
Richard Morrison
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