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Language: C++
Expertise: Intermediate
Mar 20, 2001



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Different Values For Default Arguments in Different Scopes

In the same scope, it’s not possible to have different values for default arguments. For example, this would be an error:
void foo(int i = 0){
    cout << i;
void foo(int = 1);//error

But default arguments can indeed take different values in different scopes. For example:
int Func(void){
    foo(int = 1);//ok, 1 will be used as the default value in the scope of
this function

To enforce this, a parameter must be supplied to the function. Declare the function without a default parameter:
int Func(void){
    foo(int);//disable the default parameter.
    foo();//error, function foo() takes one parameter.

The opposite is also true--a function can be declared to take a default parameter even if it’s not defined that way.
void foo(int i){
	cout << i;

int Func(){
	void foo(int = 1);//enable default parameter
Nitin Garg
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