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Sep 5, 2001



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The auto Keyword

'auto' is undoubtedly the least used C++ keyword. This is because it's always redundant. auto indicates local automatic storage type, for example:
int main()
 auto int x;
 auto char  s[10];

The more common form of declaring x and s is:
int main()
 int x; // identical to auto int x;
 char  s[10]; // identical to auto char  s[10];

Thus, 'auto' simply documents more explicitly the storage type of an object but it's never really needed. In pre-standard C++, the default type of incomplete declarations such as the following was int:
volatile x; // construed as 'volatile int x;'
const y  = 0; // construed as 'const int y=0;'

In those days, you could also write:
auto n; // equivalent to 'auto int n'

However, standard C++ doesn't permit declarations with implicit int anymore. Consequently, 'auto' has become completely optional.
Danny Kalev
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