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Dec 22, 2001



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Don't Create a Recordset Unless It's Required

When running action queries make sure you add the adExecuteNoRecords option, so that a recordset is not created. You can also use this technique in lookup situations when returning just a single row with one or two fields (ID values for example). In this case a stored procedure and outparameter will be faster. Here is an example:
Set cmdUpdate=Server.Createobject(ADODB.Command")
strsql = "UPDATE Titles SET Price = Price*1.0" & "WHERE Type _
= 'Business'"

cmdUpdate.ActiveConnection = <connection string>
cmdUpdate.CommandText = <stored Procedure name>
cmdUpdate.CommandType = adcmdstoredprocedure

cmdUpdate.Execute , , adExecuteNoRecords

This runs the Update command and ensures that no recordset is created.
Safalta Chauhan
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