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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 30, 2002



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Split Strings Cleanly, Redux

What if you want to split an array on more than one delimiter? Adding a few lines of code and using recursion can enhance the function to handle multiple delimiters.

When more than one delimiter is passed into the function, you rejoin the filtered array using the next delimiter, drop the current delimiter from the delimiter list, and call the function again:
Public Function CleanSplit2( _
	ByVal Expression As String, _
	Optional ByVal Delimiters As String = " ", _
	Optional ByVal Limit As Long = -1, _
	Optional Compare As VbCompareMethod = _
	vbBinaryCompare) As Variant
	Dim Substrings() As String
	Dim OneDelimiter As String
	Dim I As Long
	OneDelimiter = Mid$(Delimiters, 1, 1)
	Substrings = Split(Expression, OneDelimiter, _
		Limit, Compare)
	For I = LBound(Substrings) To UBound(Substrings)
		If Len(Substrings(I)) = 0 Then
			Substrings(I) = OneDelimiter
		End If
	Next I
	If Len(Delimiters) = 1 Then
		CleanSplit2 = Filter( _
			Substrings, OneDelimiter, False)
		CleanSplit2 = _
			CleanSplit2(Join( _
			Filter(Substrings, OneDelimiter, False), _
			Mid$(Delimiters, 2, 1)), _
			Mid$(Delimiters, 2), Limit, Compare)
	End If
End Function
Stephen Sayabalian
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