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Language: ASP
Expertise: Intermediate
May 28, 2003



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Word-wrap ASP Output on Long Strings with No Blanks

If you need to output to the screen or print a long text string that has no spaces, the text string will not wrap to the preset dimensions of a table or to the browser window frame.

This simple function will wrap the text string based on any setting you provide:

Function WordWrap(OrigString)

StrLength = Len(OrigString)

intPosition = 1

StrWrapNumber = 80

StrLoop = StrLength\ StrWrapNumber

If StrLoop > 0 then
For LoopStep = 0 to StrLoop
	WrapString = Mid(OrigString, intPosition, StrWrapNumber)
	Response.Write WrapString
	Response.Write "<br>"
	intPosition = intPosition + StrWrapNumber
	Response.Write OrigString
End if

End Function
You can change the length of the block in the line

StrWrapNumber = 80
You can use this function as an include page and call it like so:

dim f_ OverallGoal
f_OverallGoal = Result1("OverallGoal")
response.write WordWrap(f_OverallGoal)
Note: This example applies to re-displaying from a database query; for re-displaying a form before submittal just use Request.Form rather than Result1, etc.
Steve Skelton
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