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Language: ASP
Expertise: Advanced
Feb 17, 2004

How to Read a Binary Stream Using ASP?

<html><body> <script language="VBScript" RUNAT="Server"> Function ConvertFromBinaryToString(Binary) 'ConvertFromBinaryToString converts binary data (VT_UI1 | VT_ARRAY Or MultiByte string) 'to a string (BSTR) using MultiByte VBS functions Dim I, S For I = 1 To LenB(Binary) S = S & Chr(AscB(MidB(Binary, I, 1))) Next ConvertFromBinaryToString = S End Function </script> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript" RUNAT="Server"> dim fs,f set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") set f=fs.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("Output.txt"),8,true) f.WriteLine "Beginning of the info.. " count = Request.TotalBytes postedData = ConvertFromBinaryToString(Request.BinaryRead(count)) f.WriteLine "no. of bytes...... " & count f.WriteLine postedData f.WriteLine "end of the info..." f.Close set f=Nothing set fs=Nothing </SCRIPT> </body></html>
Elayaraja David
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