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Language: VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Oct 27, 2004



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Unicode Text Files with the Scripting.FileSystemObject

This tip opens a Unicode-encoded text file, reads the entire file, and then splits it into individual lines for processing.

It loops line by line through a unicode text file using FSO with an ACCII file.

Dim objFso As New FileSystemObject
Dim TsStream As TextStream

Dim strAlltxt As String, strLine As String
Dim varAsplit As Variant, varBsplit As Variant

 Set TsStream = objFso.OpenTextFile("c:\test.txt", ForReading, , TristateTrue) _
'read the file content in memory with the unicode flag "TristateTrue"
    strAlltxt = TsStream.ReadAll ' atach the stream to a string var
    TsStream.Close ' cleanup and dispose unnecesary objects
    Set TsStream = Nothing
    Set objFso = Nothing
     strAlltxt = StrConv(Trim$(strAlltxt), vbUnicode)
    varAsplit = Split(strAlltxt, vbLf)
    For Each varBsplit In varAsplit
    'now we can parse the files content line by line
    strLine = Trim$(CStr(varBsplit))
    Debug.Print strLine
Michel Posseth
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