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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Getting Windows Directory

How do I determine the Windows directory?

The API call to use is "GetWindowsDirectory". The Declare statement is listed in the the Windows 3.1 API help and the documentation is in Windows 3.1 SDK help file. Note: for VB4, obtain the API declaration from the API Text Viewer.

To use, do the following:

Dim buffer as String * 128
Dim size as Integer
Dim retval as Integer

buffer = space$(128)
size = 128
retval = GetWindowsDirectory(ByVal buffer, ByVal size)

When the subroutine executes, the Windows directory will be located in the string named "buffer". The "buffer" variable MUST be declared with a size, so use Space$(128) as a safety precaution. Since VB does not use null-terminated strings, the size value tells it how big the buffer is. If you do not do this, your program will crash.

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