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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Creating Toolbars

I'd like to create a floating window that has a small titlebar, like the VB toolbox window, for instance. In the VB FAQ, it says to see the sample program in MSGBLAST.EXE -- Well, I have msgblast from ftp.microsoft.com, but it doesn't have a sample program that gives me that small titlebar. How can I do it in VB 3.0 on Win 3.11?

The easiest way I can think of to fake this is to make a form with MaxButton, MinButton and ControlBox set to "False" and removing the Caption of the form (by setting the Caption property to "" or an empty string). Now you use a PictureBox to simulate the titlebar. Set the Align property to "1 - Align Top" and set the Height property to whatever size you think is correct. A good rule of thumb to try is about half its default Height. If you want any control buttons on there, you'll have to place them and write the code yourself since all the automatic functions of the titlebar have been turned off. Usually the floating toolbars just have a "Close" button. You'll want to check out the Microsoft Knowledge Base at this point. Look for article number Q114593, "How to Move a Form that Has No Titlebar or Caption", for the API calls to use so that your user can drag the form around by its titlebar. Article number Q114594, "How to Create a Floating Toolbar in Visual Basic 3.0" will give you a good idea of how to go about make the thing float in the first place.

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